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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Occupational English is Oh My English....!


Today is the last day for Occupational English lecture, and last day for Oh My English...
This morning, Madam Uzaimah wanted us to give sharing about this class.. 
Most of my friends share... I dont want to share because I really shy with my English.. heheh
Sorry madam.. :)

Actually I want to share about my experience and opinion about this class... but, I can explain with mouth.. hahaha..
What I try to say this class just like :
"We have learn how to eat, but we still learn how to eat BUT in proper way"
We had learn grammar, vocabulary, spelling and many more since primary school, but why we still learn English in Higher Education System??? hehehe...

I talk to the mirror, why my English so bad? 
I talk to the mirror, why I can't speak English well?
I talk to the mirror, why must I left behind in my class?

Well, this OE class teach me a lot of things that I will improve my English skill...
Honestly, in my previous collage, my friends told that my English is OK, but here (unisel) I feel that I left behind in English... 

In this class, I try hard to speak and write in English. It's helpful to improve my skill. 
New approach like blog entries, speaking in class, report, attending forum and exercise it make me to learn about how English is world wide usage... 
Anyway, I would like to thanks Madam Uzaimah and all my friends to help me out from my comfort zone.. InsyaAllah we will do very best in final exam..  

DRC psssstttt : Kena keluar dari zon selesa untuk belajar lebih daripada sesuatu yang mudah... The best part in this class is stand up on the ___________. hehehe :P

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