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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

OE 1st | From KUIN to Unisel


Hey everyone.! I want to tell you that I miss my campus life very much!!
You know, most five months I leave my campus life. 
Of course it is a different atmosphere and environment but this is what I want. People have to make 'hijrah' in our life. Officially, I left my "love" in KUIN but I will find new love in UNISEL.

Seriously, I am really excited to be a student again. Getting new friends, lecturers, makes assignment, tutorial, and examination. 
That "love" I left in KUIN is"Bi'ah Solehah" that not exist in UNISEL. I miss "Bi'ah Solehah". If you want to know what is "Bi'ah Solehah", you should go to KUIN.. Hehehe... ^_^

Getting a new friends is my favourite thing when I change to new place. All my new friends are cute, some of them are hot, intelligent, kind and helpful. Honestly, I not yet meet my new BFF here but I am sure I will meet him/her soon. 
Anyone to be????
Please download the form below yeahh... Hahaha.. =P

My classmate are from colourful background. Majority of them are really good in English. Hopefully, they can teach me and keep it up my English skill. Well, in KUIN I learned Arabic and just little bit of English..

My hope, Unisel will my new 'love' and the place where I get my First Class Degree..

DRC pssstt : Sorry to all my followers and reader.. Actually this is my assignment for course Occupational English. Anyway, DRC da lama tak update blog.... huhuhu... ^___^

1 comment:

BeLLa said...

i miss my college too hehe



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