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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OE 8th | Try This To Your Notebook!

For this 8th entries, and free entries, I want to share something to you guys..
It's about our notebook. Do you know your notebook have a gander like a human??
Let's try, follow these simple step :

1. Switch on your notebook and paste this sentence into your notebook:
CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I love YOU"
2. After that, click “Save“. Change “save as type” to“All Files”. It's more easier if you save in desktop. 

3.Then, save as file's name = love u.vbs

4. Shut down your notebook after save. Then, double click the file (love u.vbs) and listen a sound
“i love u“.

5. Listen carefully the voice “i love u”. Men or women's voice? 
Then, form the voice you will know your notebook is a man or women. So, try your best..! 
DRC psssstttt : Wooohaaa!!! DRC kena cari seseorang untuk dijadikan ikon tiruan DRC..! Siapakah????? Tolongg... tersangat blur untuk assignment kali nie...! Hummm

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