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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OE 5th | Past Tense


Last three months, I was joined a camp organized by Telaga Biru Training Sdn. Bhd, where the name of the camp is Kem Super Aulad.

 It lasted for three days and two nights at Camp ABC Janda Baik, Pahang. Interesting filling and a good approach to inject the spirit of the youth to reach out to the Islamic religion.

During the camp, I was assigned to be the facilitator and secretariat which I will assist the chief facilitator (moderator) to operate the slots light and relaxed. It gives a new experience for me to focus on the science of psychology and communication.
From left : Chief of fasilitator, Me, Kak Fad, and Fiy

The first day of camp, we have made ​​some preparation for the entire program. We've updated the hall, tag completion, clean rooms for participants, to create tags in bed, and so on. After completing all preparations, facilitator-facilitators were bathing in the river near the camp. So refreshing! Atmosphere of quiet and green village made ​​us complacent darker days.

The second day, the participants have registered come with their families. Nearly 120 participants have registered to attend this camp. After registration session, the participants and their parents were given tazkirah from Ustaz Mohamad Zahazan Mohamed, CEO of Telaga Biru Sdn. Bhd. 
This is a much anticipated event for the parents.

Exciting events during this camp was when one of the female participants were possessed by evil spirits. Condition has been chaos because the girl was trying to open one of the facilitators female track suits. She tried to run away from his mother for holding energy possessed incredible. However, the situation was calm again when the ustaz was treating the boy.

Alhamdulillah, the camp was very fun and gives a lesson to me to build my self-confident. It was also give a lesson to all participant about Islam. 
InsyaAllah, we are always praying for them. <3 font="font">

DRC pssstt : So, if you are interesting to join this camp, just register online on because it's very exciting camp to your children, insyaAllah..

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