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Friday, September 14, 2012

OE 3rd | The Place That I Love!!


Tomorrow, I just posted an entry apologize to all my followers.
InsyaAllah, I will post everything that I left.. 
Ok, for this assignment as my third entries, titled :
The Place That I Love!
Do you know where is it??
Look at this picture below:
Wow! It's amazing right!
Have you ever heard a place named 'Baling'? 
So this is a place that I love so much!

History about Baling is Name of  Baling was get from story written just like in the book, Hikayat Raja Bersiong. A lot of story about how the name got, including it has connection with Raja Bersiong, the forth princes of  Merong Maha Wangsa. Raja Bersiong love to eat spanish and human’s blood as the sauces. Based on the favorite food, his teeth  was growth with siong or  taring. He run and hide hiself setelah after his favourite food was known by residens. While  Raja Bersiong run from his residents, He must stop awhile  because of his teeth. When his teeth not feeling well, he made decision to take off his siong. But the siong still strong and difficult to take off . He was shouting in pain. Finally he done to take off his siong and straight to thow far away as he was angry. Then the place the siong was throw is called ‘Baling’.

Now, Baling was famous place where people can to go holiday such as Lata Bayu, Hulu Lenggong, Lata Bukit Hijau, and so on. Besides that Baling was make over with a lot of ner facilities, public transport, and a lot of buildings.  

That is the story about Baling. Now, let's we look at the amazing of Baling.
View of Lata Bayu
One of village in Baling
Durian from Baling
View of Bukit Baling 
Hot Water Pool Ulu Lenggong, Baling

There are many such of interesting thing in Baling.
Well, Baling is not the place I was born, but Baling have a sentimental values for my life..
hehehhee... shuuuttt!!! :-x

DRC pssssttt : You must come and see yourself the amazing of Baling!! InsyaAllah, your heart will be 'baling'... Hehehee... *thanks pada kawan-kawan yang follow... DRC nak blogwalking nie... jaga-jaga!! :P


AyueJean said...

Penah pegi baling sekali je rasanya......
Tu pun masa sekolah rendah dulu.....
Wahhh cantik2 ye view kat sana...

uncle said...

uncle tak pernah pergi lagi..teringin rasa nak kesana..insyaAllah ada rezeki uncle mmg hajat nak pergi jugak.

NUR said...

Menarik juga ni. Tq entri yg bagus ni.. At least org yg taktau tmpt ni akan tertarik

CikMunBlogger said...

tak pernah jejak sini and tempat tu lagi . cantik ! and macam best . huhu .

p/s : please unlock your cbox :)

BeLLa said...

bru taw nape dipanggil baling hehe



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