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Sunday, May 9, 2010

sins of trading on Friday?

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Has become a habit, because Friday is a day of work in Malaysia, a man who had career terkejar each other to take lunch break for lunch and the obligatory Friday prayer in congregation. However, in time, many are not aware of each week, they may buy food berulamkan sin.
Before this, I have commented on this press release, 'Ask Ustaz TV9' and also an interview with The Star. But looking at the frequency and lack of sensitivity among Muslims in Malaysia in particular. A brief written specifically about this case is necessary.
The question which continues trading among dealers and buyers of men after the call on Friday should be taken seriously or it will continue. More about fun, seeing the dealers are camped outside the mosque, to capitalize on the gathering of Muslims who wish to perform the Friday prayers, and they become the cause of sin.
Friday prayers are obligatory only for men but not women's puberty. Thus every transaction between the women with women after the first or second call on Friday dikumandangkan is valid and should be. Thus, it is not included in the discussions of the scholars nor the focus of this article. It is a keharusan agreed by the four major sects in the Islamic Jurisprudence.
Similarly for the Friday prayer is not required for other reasons such as illness, travel and more.
Legal discussion is centered on the person, whether business men, or men buyers both healthy, adult and travel.
Basic Law is the verse of Surat al-Friday 9 that his purpose:
يا أيها الذين آمنوا إذا نودي للصلاة من يوم الجمعة فاسعوا إلى ذكر الله وذروا البيع ذلكم خير لكم إن كنتم تعلمون
Which means: O you who believe, when summoned to prayer on Thursday, hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave off trading. That is better for you if you knew.
Despite ijma '[1] among the scholars will ban the sale and purchase on the sentence, they differ ijtihad in determining the ban was dropped after the first or second call.
It should be understood that the Friday prayer at the Prophet's time, Abu Bakr and 'Umar reported only once, ie when the preacher (imam) up to the pulpit to begin the sermon. In the reign of Caliph Uthman, may Allah, the number of Muslims increased and introduced the second call and third (functioning as iqamah).
However, results from the existence of more than one call after the time of Uthman, the clergy again to berijtihad in determining which of the call must be no more after purchase. Maliki and Hanbali clearly and strongly that the ban is the second call of the preacher when it goes up to the pulpit, it is also consistent with the tone at this verse of Quran, the Prophet Prophet's lifetime [2]
At-Tohawi Imam Al-Hanafi asserts: -
المعتبر الأذان عند المنبر بعد خروج الإمام, فإنه هو الأصل الذي كان للجمعة على عهد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم
Meaning: Azan is used (in this case) is that when the priest out on the pulpit, and that is the original as he was Friday at the Prophet's time (at-Tohawi Mukhtasar, pages 24)
However, scholars of the Hanafi school seems to have multiple views of the majority of them berijtihad second call is "definitely illegal, just most of them are also of the opinion that the ban start from the first call (Adhan in time) or the day after the sun tergelincirnya said. [3] This means that the Hanafi school is more strict in this regard and agreed by the four denominations, buying and selling after the second call was illegal.
Imam Ibn Kathir al-Shafi `i said:
اتفق العلماء على تحريم البيع بعد النداء الثاني
Meaning: Scholars agree on the ban on trading after the second call (Tafsir Ibn Kathir, 4 / 367)
Although berjualbeli at that time was illegal means that sin on the seller and buyer, but whether they are void aqad sale!
If the offense is committed, the sin incurred is a stage, while the legal void that transaction is a different level. If aqad illegal, means that the price of ownership acquired by the seller are null, and the possession of the buyer to purchase goods. If that happens, the mediator of both their use of property owned by others and the situation continued until the end of their life in full doubtful and troubled.
In this case, the scholars do not agree on the validity or invalidation aqad react. The scholars are divided into two groups:
First: Aqad is valid and only sin incurred by the seller and buyer. It is the ijtihad of the sect Hanafi, Shafi `i and part of Maliki.
Second: Aqad null and sin, it is the opinion of the majority of the Hanbali and Maliki.
However, based on research, the first opinion is stronger, particularly the pillar and conditions of sale and purchase were all met, unless it violates a sacred time of sale only, the only sin that kesalahn incurred no cancellation aqad.
Regardless, it is necessary Muslims in Malaysia and everywhere to be more cautious in this regard. Thus, it is encouraged in order to recommend to the dealer and all Muslim people that must be the Friday prayers to prevent this. We fear that, due to ignorance, many people indulge in over and over again.
Conclusion, the transaction will fall only illegal if:
a) Do the call during the second priest in the pulpit.
b) performed by men (whether as traders or sellers) are mandatory Friday prayers.
c) knowledge of the law is illegal, and should the individual mukallaf to learn. Obligation is to convey to know.
I sincerely hope that the preacher could remind this all the time they are in the pulpit, also noted by Bilal before they shouted the second call. Also encouraged the public to circulate this text at the mosques for the public awareness

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